Last of the Garden – Part Two

This morning I put the ripe tomatoes in the crock pot; they will simmer all day (most of the time with the lid off) and become fresh tomato soup after strained.


At lunch, I ran out to the garden to get the remaining produce. The photo below shows (from left, back row) zucchini, eggplant, green tomatoes, cabbage, more green tomatoes and (from left, front row) scallop squash, tomatoes, carrots, carrots and onion, cucumber, chilies and tomatillo.DSC02461

I also got plenty of winter squash, my favorite. The first photo shows the Blue Hubbard haul. The second shows Spaghetti Sqquash.



What will I do with all this stuff? I will give some away to friends and food bank. I will also:

  • pickle the green tomatoes
  • pickle more jars of mixed veg: squash, cukes, carrots, jalepeno
  • make homemade veggie pie
  • make one more large pan of eggplant parmeasan, and freeze individual servings
  • make Posilli Stew for my son with tomatillos, onions, jalapeno and green chili
  • store the winter squash and eat all winter

The temps are dropping fast and it is drizzling. I really would not be surprised if we get a frost.  Here is the veggie pie, for later!



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